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24 Nov

Tutorial: How to make a dubstep beat

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup a simple dubstep beat.


Start off with setting the tempo of the song to about 140 bpm.




Then add an Impulse instrument and add a kick and a snare that you like to it.










Create a four bar midi-clip in the Impulse channel.




Then arrange the kick on every first beat, and add a snare to every third beat. It should end up looking as this drum pattern:

Click to enlarge






Now feel free to throw in whatever crazy shit you like and try to rearrange and add beats as you please. Also try to adjust the velocity for some of the beats to make it more dynamic and interesting.

Click to enlarge






I used the example above in my remix for Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive.

Have a listen:

Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive (0to9 Escape Remix) by 0to9

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