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14 Aug

Tutorial: White Noise sweeping effect

The white noise sweeping effect is commonly used in a lot of house and trance music during build ups and drops. Good news for you is that it is actually quite simple to make in Ableton Live. This is what we will accomplish in this tutorial:

White Noise Sweeping effect for Ableton Live by Abletonation



Start up with adding an Operator synth to a midi-channel. Select Wave from its interface and choose “Noise white” from the drop down menu.


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Click the box for Filter and choose one of the filters from the drop down menu. I like “Band ladder”. Play any key on your midi-controller and try play around with the “Freq” knob of the filter to get a feel of the sound.

If you have a midi-controller with knobs it could be a good idea to assign the frequency to one of the knobs for better control. To do this click on “Freq” to highlight it, then “MIDI” in the upper right corner of the Abelton Live interface. Buttons and knobs that are assignable should now turn blue. Just move the preferred knob on your midi-controller to assign it to the “Freq”. If it doesn’t work then make sure that “Remote” overmapping is selected in your preferences menu under the tab “MIDI Sync”.


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To get a deeper and more interesting sound add a reverb-effect from the “Audio effects”-library. If you are as lazy as me just pick one of the presets.


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Now you are ready to record it. Turn the knob to the left and slowly build up the noice the way you want.


Have fun!

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