24 Nov

Tutorial: How to make a dubstep beat

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup a simple dubstep beat.


Start off with setting the tempo of the song to about 140 bpm.




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03 Nov

Free dubstep presets for Ableton

Following the tutorials from DubStop i created three dubstep presets for Ableton Live.

Included presets in the dubstep package:

  • Dubstep Wobble bass
  • Dupstep Talking bass (Make sure to play on low octaves and fiddle around with the LFO Rate)
  • Electro Organ

Dowload free abletonation dubstep presets here

Have fun and please link to your music in the comments field below if you found the instruments useful.

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24 Oct

Tutorial: How to make dubstep in Ableton Live

Everyone makes dubstep nowadays so here is a handful of links that will get you started in Ableton Live.

First off is an excellent tutorial from the site DubSpot who has some videos on how to make the classic dubstep wobble bass and also the talking wobble bass.

Dubstep Wobble bass:

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14 Aug

Tutorial: White Noise sweeping effect

The white noise sweeping effect is commonly used in a lot of house and trance music during build ups and drops. Good news for you is that it is actually quite simple to make in Ableton Live. This is what we will accomplish in this tutorial:

White Noise Sweeping effect for Ableton Live by Abletonation

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09 Aug

99 free patches for the Operator synth

The German artist Christian Kleine is sharing 99 patches for the Operator synth. Quite a lot of experimental and FX patches. Check it out! You will definitely find something that can make your songs more interesting.

Download here: 99 patches for Abletons Operator FM-Synthesizer

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04 Aug

Justice synth preset for Ableton Live

Justice Ableton Live Synth preset for free
Excellent tutorial maker eArtrash is sharing an Ableton Live preset for a crazy Justice Synth. Free of course.

Download here:

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28 Jul

Tutorial: Sidechaining in Ableton Live 8

Ableton is probably the DAW with the easiest way to create the thumping/pumping effect of sidechaining. You hear this effect in heaps of today’s dance music.
This is what we will create today:


Sidechain tutorial for Ableton Live by Abletonation

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